August 26, 2018

This was a one-way car key exchange hike on two trails, the Winsor from the Ski Basin or the Cowles Winsor Trailhead at the end of Forest Road 121. It uses the Winsor Trail exclusively with the exception of Trail 261, the unmaintained shortcut that parallels Winsor.  This is a classic hike and is well worth the effort despite being logistically complex. There is a large variation in effort depending on the direction one travels. The Cowles to the ski basin route is by far the most difficult with nearly double the climbing. Our two hiking parties meet at Spirit Lake.

We were Gustaaf, Judy Graham and Nancy King coming from the ski basin, with CK and SK Lund coming from Cowles. Our actual statistics were 10.97 miles, 4021 feet of ascent from Cowles and 2110 feet from the ski basin. Hike time was 6 hours and 15 minutes from the Cowles direction. Estimates before the hike were 10.5 miles with 2400 feet from ski basin and 4235 feet from Cowles.

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