September 12. 2017

This is a hike I have listed a few times in Meet Up and here. We haven’t been able to do it due to poor weather or bad roads, or both. The Caja del Rio plateau is like that. So close to town but out of reach many times on any planned outing.

This week I had the opportunity to get out there so I went later in the day as a photo recon for future excursions. Starting at 3:30 PM, I had a window of 3.5 hours before the Sun went down. I had to hurry up. Unfortunately many of these photos (taken with a cell phone) are fuzzy and out of focus.

What about Valentin Montoya? He was here, a long time ago, but who knows how long. I have found 2 petroglyphs made by him and a shelter that I suspect was made by him, but all I know for sure is that his name was what it was, that he was literate, ¬†and that his middle initial was P. The rest of it is brain candy puzzling over him and his time. We’ll never know. Stats for this hike: 8.02 miles, 1108 feet, 3:44 hike time.

SK Lund