December 5, 2018

Authors Note: This report, photos, and map are free for re-use or publication without permission. Publication requires acknowledgment to the author.

This is a simple loop climb of Tetilla Peak from a Westerly direction. It starts along Forest Service Road 24, also part of the original Route 66. We park within sight of 800 Foot Well which serves as a convenient landmark for finding the truck on the return from the peak. The access road starts out in pretty good shape but can deteriorate to a rough 4×4 track depending¬†upon the time of year and the recent weather. A 4×4 high clearance¬†vehicle is recommended or courage and good tires.

We went through a narrow canyon with a Spanish petroglyph in it. We then turn in a Northerly direction and ascend the peak. It gets rocky near the top so care must be taken. Views from the summit are superb. We then take a direct line back to the truck which seems to be swallowed by the vastness of this place. 6.3 miles, 1074 feet of ascent, 3 hours, 27 minutes. CK, Judy Graham, Michael, and SK Lund. Following is a trip report from this area:

SK Lund

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