Well we finally know the name of that unnamed canyon. We also know what that canyon looks like from top to bottom and we like what we found. It was near pure roller coaster fun going down that thing minus the inevitable face plants in terrain that rough. Hell the bushwhacking wasn’t even that bad. We did this jam by car shuttle with one vehicle in a strategic location for access to the canyon and one a the main trailhead at the top of Canon Largo. That saved us about 3 miles of road walking, and gave us a good case of claustrophobia with all 6 of us jammed into Gustaaf’s Subaru.

I’d like to say we would be going back to that canyon and others near it but it probably will not happen. Turns out we were crossing unsigned, unfenced, private property part of the time. We found this out when we pulled up to the other trailhead and found a couple standing next to it and their pickup. They were quite nice about it but they did inform us that we were trespassing. Therein lies the problem with Sabinoso. It is a damnable puzzle with private and public land interspersed and the maps are just flat out wrong a good part of the time. Most of the Wilderness is not accessible despite grand pronouncements to the contrary. You just can’t get to the public without going through private except for that one entrance into Canon Largo.

By the way, the name of that canyon is Canada de Los Ojos. The gentleman informed me of that and he has been here quite awhile.

Many thanks to Los Amigos de Sabinoso. They are  Jon, CK, Gustaaf, Martin, and Jim. I hope they join me in giving this trip a 5 thumbs up.  We did 7.9 miles, 914 feet of ascent, and our hike took 5 hours and 13 minutes.

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