September 17, 2017

The Rio en Medio, Nambe, Capulin loop is a committing  journey because you are passing in and out of steep creek drainages. Making a wrong turn or changing your mind can result in a much longer hike than planned for. For this particular trip, the junction of 163 (Rio en Medio) and Aspen Ranch is the point of decision to stay or go on. We went on and of course we are very glad we did.

This is an excellent 3 season hike that does not go much above 8500 feet elevation, meaning you will avoid the snow drifts that remain until June at higher elevations.  I was joined by Nancy King on this adventure. The statistics were 13.3 miles, 2902 feet of climbing, and 7:09 hours hike time.

I like it. It will be done again.

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SK Lund