DESCRIPTION: This is a hike into the remote country across the Caja del Rio Plateau and down to the shore of the Rio Grande where a pristine pueblo ruin called Pueblo en Medio resides. This will be my fifth trip to this pueblo.

MEET WHERE: The dog park on Caja del Rio Road. You get to it by the West Frontage Road that runs along Highway 550. Make a left on Caja del Rio Road and turn left again at the road to the animal shelter. The parking lot is the immediate left. Look for the Silver Xterra with the traffic cone next to it.

Caja del Rio Road Dog Park

MEET WHEN: Sunday, November 18th at 7:30 AM.

EVENT LOCATION: Caja del Rio Plateau

RSVP: Do it by clicking on this post and adding a comment. To remove your RSVP, just comment again.  Please RSVP or change your mind by November 16th at 7:30 PM. This event will not be listed on Meetup.

This hike has a limit of 4 persons total and a requirement of 4 persons total. In other words, we can’t take more than 4 and we need 4 to make it happen.

UPDATES: Check your email the night before and morning of the event.  I will send out an email immediately when I make changes of any kind.

TYPE: Out and back, not exploratory.

TERRAIN: 60% rarely used dirt road. The rest cross country. The downslope to the pueblo is rough and fairly steep but quite doable for most people. The area around the pueblo is spine rich so good footwear with good soles is critical.

DISTANCE/ASCENT/EFFORT: 12 miles, 1800 feet of ascent, strenuous.

FITNESS/PREPARATION: Please be able to perform the hike listed in the following link in 1 hour.

CONDITIONS REQUIRED and EXPECTED: It has to be stone dry on hike day and 4 days before due to the requirement that we drive on dirt roads with a short section of a 4×4/high clearance track.

HIKE TIME: 7 hours. We will need to be back at the trailhead 2 hours before sunset and it will be cut short if we can’t make that limit.

DRIVE TIME: 2 hours

TOTAL EVENT TIME: 9 to 10 hours

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