April 19, 2018

This hike begins at Poshouinge Pueblo, a mid 16th century ancestral pueblo, which has been developed for tourism. We parked here and headed out on the ridgeline to see what we could see. I was pleased and surprised to see Ted Harsha and his dog Pesta in the parking lot. I had hoped to find an outlying archaeological site associated with Poshouinge, with Ted here, I knew we would.

It didn’t take long to get to the site. You would never find it unless you know where it is. It’s a very cool place and appears untouched based on the amount of ceramics and lithic debris. It looks to me like a large field house complex set in an “L” shape and not so much a shrine as others have indicated. Perhaps one our archeo friends can go back out there with us and check it out.

After visiting the site, we still had plenty of time so we climbed a couple of nearby peaks followed by an attempt to follow the Espinosa Trail back. That idea devolved pretty quickly as the trail dissolved in the arroyos and drainages. We ended up taking the ridge on the same trail we came in on. That trail, despite having no name or being listed on the map is quite good and easy to follow. We were Annette Burgess, Jon Blakey, Ted Harsha and Pesta, John Matanock and SK Lund. Because we went farther than originally planned, the hike was 7.5 miles, 1507 feet, and took us 5 hours and 28 minutes.

SK Lund

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