January 05, 2019

Heading for Cañones Wash on Highway 84, it was clear that we were not going to be able to do that hike. All of the North slopes were covered in snow. The wash was in the shadows, that means even more snow. We decided to something on South facing slopes where there has been some melt out so we did one of the hikes I usually reserve for Wednesday. This is a short loop that goes above Red Wash Canyon, descends the Dragon Back ridge and enters the canyon. We then head South and up a steep hill back to that dirt road and follow it back to the cars. This one is about 5.35 miles and 1350 feet of ascent. Takes about 3 hours normally. With all the snow it took another hour and felt like a 7-mile hike (to me anyway). CK, Jon Blakey, Gustaaf, Ted Harsha with Pesta, and SK Lund.

SK Lund

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