May 5, 2018

Someone once said that adventure does not start until something goes wrong. Based on that I think we had one. Our experience included a little bit everything that could cook up an adventure. Box canyons, quick sand, getting lost, long distance, not enough food and water, and that canyon (the wrong one) clogged up with logs and potential cliff outs that, thankfully, were not there. When I got home 14 hours later, I was pretty damn sure I would never go back…then you get cleaned up, have a look at Shuhrong and Ken’s photos, and your mind starts to change. Hey maybe if we go this way instead of that, start earlier, bring more food and water, etc., etc.  Pretty soon you’re making plans to go back someday.

We call this type II fun. Sucks while you’re doing it, then you forget the pain and you want to do it again.

About Mesa Montosa. It’s deceptively difficult. Broad and flat on top, it’s riven by deep canyons and buttresses of cap rock on 3 sides. It’s big too so it takes time to travel it. Some roads that are on the map do not exist in reality. After 2 tries, we finally made the top this time.

I was joined by 4 very hard core hikers on this: Jon Blakey, Ken Krasity, Nancy King, and Shuhrong. Take a look at Ken’s and Shuhrong’s photos in the Meetup gallery, there are a lot more than I have here. Our stats were 13.26 miles, 2555 feet of ascent, 8 hours, 45 minutes hike time.

SK Lund

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