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November 24, 2018

This one should be called something like “Denied in the Gabaldon”. The trail we wanted is only accessible to the property owners in the area. Must be nice. No matter, the trails we used were just as good and easily accessible. The way you get to it is from one of the two small parking lots along Country Road 72A. Both were busy, even at 9:30 in the morning in late November, but most of the users were dog walkers with high parking turnover. You then walk through the easement corridor through private property until you get to the official start of the Winsor Trail with its signboard. There is an unnamed trail to the left. You take it and keep going up. There are a bunch of side trails coming in and going out. The lower ones go to the same place so no worries there. Just keep going up to the obvious peak to the Southeast. The trail you are on takes you to a junction with a cairn. Turn right and use it to get to the top.

These are unnamed but excellent trails, well built and well maintained. We noticed bootprints and some bicycle tire tracks and saw some equestrians. The peak is unnamed at 8425 feet in elevation so I’ll call it that when we go back. Nancy King, Gustaaf, CK, SK Lund. This hike is 6.43 miles, the cumulative ascent is 1712 feet, hike time with the usual breaks is 4 hours, 20 minutes.

SK Lund