June 17, 2018

This hike was originally titled La Cueva – La Cueva, as in La Cueva Peak. We did that and went on to Cerro del Oso, only a mile away. This trail is found by going up Forest Service Road 76 on Dalton Canyon and parking at the La Cueva Campground. The area is popular and legal for off road vehicle users and from what we saw, that is where most of the traffic comes from. We encountered 2 ATV’s and 2 motorcycles and everyone seemed to be behaving themselves, including us.

Some of the trails are not on the map or in a different place than the map says. This led us to bushwhack in a number of places but this is a pleasant place to do that. Hard to figure but true. The forest was cool, green, and wet. Different than most areas of Santa Fe National Forest (this is Carson) but requiring a 2 plus hour drive from Santa Fe.

We found some of the trails we missed on the in bound route making the whole trip come in at 10.07 miles, 2830 feet of ascent, and hike time of 6 hours and 34 minutes. I was joined by CK and Jim Ivanovich.

SK Lund

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