October 15, 2017

 I was stoked to get on this one. We had a great time last year and this being Fall prime time, I was expecting the same or better. Better is what we got big time, with the creek flowing cold and clear and the cottonwoods in gold prime. We found more footprints which means the place is getting more popular, which is as it should be. Once you get out of the drainage however, you are in territory that is rarely travelled by humans. Elk? Yes. Bear? Yes. We found prints to attest to that but also crypto 3 inches high. That means land untrod for a long, long time.

Our route took us a bit further up the arroyo and out to a higher point than last year before we picked our way into the slot canyon. The slot is tricky to navigate in places because there is more than one branch. Keep this in mind and just keep your eye out for the cottonwoods if you get lost. It’ll get back where you need to be. For the interested, our route was a very reasonable 4.5 miles, 847 foot climb, and took 3 hours and 35 minutes.

SK Lund

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