October 13, 2018

We had peak conditions in the Arroyo this year as we have in the past. The second weekend in October seems to be prime and I try to do it every year at this time. We have never gone too far up the Arroyo. It gets narrow and overgrown pretty quick and the trail shown on maps does not exist. Within less than a mile we exit the Arroyo and head up into the badlands. Once there, you have multiple options of where to go. We have always looped back towards the trailhead by heading down into one of the slot canyons. We did that again but also did a side trip to the high bluff overlooking the Arroyo on request from Shuhrong. I’m glad we did.

This year, as in the first year, we were accompanied by one of the local dogs. She was along this time. The first year we did this, she had a companion. This dog just shows up and starts hiking with you. If you follow her, you can’t go wrong. She seems to know the area quite well. She is beautiful and very intelligent. If I ever was tempted to steal a dog, this one would be it. The hikers were CK, Nancy, Rochelle, Shuhong, Ted, SK Lund along with Pesta and the local ranch dog. Photos from the rest of the hikers can be seen on the Meetup listing. 3.02 miles, 901 feet, 3 hours.

SK Lund

Meetup Listing and Photos

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