January 19th, 2019

This hike was an attempt to reach the Caja or White Rock Slot Canyon Overlook.  The slot canyon is an unnamed feature of the White Rock Canyon discovered by Tom Morrison in the 1980s. I had been in this canyon a couple of times but wanted to go back and have a view from the top. I knew that there was a nearby and interesting pour off into White Rock Canyon and hoped to reach that as well.

Once on the rim of Sagebrush Flats and we found a lot of snow left over from recent storms. Crossing the flats during the morning hours was not too difficult and we reached a point where we could see the overlooks of both the slot and pour off from a distance but could get no closer due to snows It would have taken hours to get close in that snow and rough terrain. We turned around here.

Things became more difficult on the return trip as the snow melted, creating mud, and allowing our boots to break through the melt. Thus our return hike became a mud slog and slide. We returned to the popular Diablo Canyon Trailhead around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Trip report from the Caja Slot:


The hikers were Colt, CK, Gustaaf, Nancy, and SK Lund. The hike took 6 hours and the distance and ascent were 8.4 miles and 1150 feet.