August 05, 2018

This hike was supposed to be Holy Ghost to Stewart Lake but the road was closed to Holy Ghost so we did this one instead. The trip report from the last time we did it follows:

Stewart Lake 2017

This hike starts out in Cowles at the end of FR 121, which is one of the two terminus of the Winsor Trail. You follow it until you get to the junction of Winsor and Trail 161 (which is signed as unmaintained). This trail cuts a lot of mileage from Winsor and from what I can tell, is more popular, even though there is downfall to negotiate. You then rejoin the Winsor, follow the Skyline for a while with a stop at the very popular Stewart Lake. On this day, members Daisy and Pat showed up while we were eating lunch. We hung out for a while and continued on Skyline until we intersected with Winsor Ridge. This trail ends at the beginning of FR 121 which is not where we wanted to go. In order to reach our trailhead we had to wait until we got on the switch backs heading down hill and head off cross country at the right moment. If I remember, it’s the third switch back where you go off trail.

We were CK, Gustaaf, Nancy King, Judy Graham, and SK Lund 9.65 miles, 2529 feet ascent, 5 hours and 50 minutes

SK Lund

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