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February 20, 2019

This was the first attempt to explore a high loop through the high ridges that traverse the Chimayo Badlands (not a real name, there is none). I was able to get onto the beginning of the route by climbing up the first ridge but was stopped early by a slope with exposure, covered by snow. The was a bit too much for me as I was solo. One can expect knife-edge ridges on this route which is why when I list it, I want to know what’s there in advance.

The early part of this hike has similar ridges to cross but they are low and have much less exposure. We can practice there first before we get into the difficult stuff. If and when you go out there with me, we will cross any difficult portions of the route in both directions immediately and then continue so that we know what’s ahead of us if we need to turn back. I fully expect the need to get off ridges in some areas to avoid areas of critical exposure. We will work around those and climb back up again.

This route must be free of snow on North facing slopes and I won’t be going out there again until they are. The mudĀ is also pretty severe if the ground is wet.

About the crosses and descansos. These are intensely private memorials of those who have passed but they are displayed in prominent locations. Because of this, I feel free to document these features of New Mexico culture and heritage.

SK Lund

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