August 18, 2018

It’s Indian Market Sunday and there is no one around. Note to self: make sure you hike on Indian Market Sunday. It’s just Nancy and me and that’s fine. We’re here for the trees, he biggest groves of biggest aspens I have ever seen. We also intend to stitch together hikes we have done before into one with a short exploration added in to connect Panchuela to Jacks Creek. This hike is pretty straightforward until you get to Jacks Creek Campground and have to connect to the lower Beatty’s trail and back down to Panchuela There a couple of junctions that are difficult to find and there is a short bit of road walking on Cabana Trail (paved road).  This section is highly recommended though. There were a lot of flowers when we were there.

The eagles were an unexpected bonus to wrap it all up. See the photos.

Nancy King and SK Lund. This hike was 11.97 miles long with a gain of 2820 feet against an estimate of 11.5 miles and 2650 feet. 6 hours and 59 minutes.

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