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December 19, 2018

This hike starts off of Highway 84 just shy of 2.41 miles from the Highway 554/Highway 84 intersection. If you’re coming from  Espanola, look for county road 141 and your turn off the highway is .93 miles from that road. The gate is almost invisible. Open it and park next to one of the trees.

Either head for that steep ridge in front of you or hike back through the fence and back to the culvert that marks where Cañada del Horo crosses under the highway. You will have to cross over a sharp barb wire fence and scramble down to the arroyo this way. Instead, don’t do this bit and just head for the ridge. The best way up and over is where my map says, “best way”. Yeah, that’s really creative. The way we did this climb on 12/19 was a little bit too creative. Use the blue line on the map for this part. Once in the arroyo, it’s pretty straightforward. Just walk upstream.

A little bit over half a mile from the preferred entrance/exit point to the arroyo is a very subtle intersection with a fork that takes you into another branch of Cañada del Horno. You can go right here and hike to its head or keep going in the main branch. Once the arroyo gets petered out, you’re going to want to exit and go due East to get the branch of the arroyo you passed by earlier. You need to go around the back side of Peak 6284 where the arroyo will come into view pretty quickly. Enter the arroyo and follow it back to the intersection and then retrace your route back to the cars. This one was hiked by CK, Daisy, Gustaaf, Nancy, and SK Lund. 5.05 miles, 976 feet cumulative ascent, 3:13.

SK Lund

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