DESCRIPTION: We hike up the lower reaches of the Borrego Trail to the Rio Molina Trail, then climb up to the lower slopes of Sierra Mosca and return cross-country to the trailhead. This is my first time in this area so it’s likely to be very and carefully exploratory. We may not do as much as the title says the first time.

MEET WHERE: De Vargas Mall Southwest Corner. Look for the Silver Xterra with a traffic cone next to it.  See the map.

De Vargas Mall SW Corner

MEET WHEN: Saturday, April 27th at 8:30 AM.

EVENT LOCATION: We start at a point between the village of Cordova and the infamous Borrego Mesa Campground.  I say infamous because Borrego Mesa has a history of auto vandalism. We won’t be parking there and hopefully, incidents like this are in the past (I hope my wife doesn’t read this!).

RSVP: Do it by making a comment on this post or signing up with an RSVP in the Santa Fe Outdoors Meetup Group. To remove your RSVP, just comment again here or delete your RSVP on Meetup. Please RSVP or change your mind by October 26th at 8:30 PM. The Meetup listing follows:

UPDATES: If there are any changes and email will be sent. Please check your email the night before and day of the event.

TYPE: Loop. 100% highly exploratory.

TERRAIN: Trail of unknown quality, with few to many water crossings. Cross country in sparse to moderate forest cover.

DISTANCE/ASCENT/EFFORT: 7.25 miles and 2500 feet of ascent. This hike will be harder than stats indicate.

Note: Exploratory events length, ascent, hike time, and event times are estimated and may not be correct. No outcome other than safe return is assured.

CONDITIONS REQUIRED and EXPECTED: Because of dirt road access and possible water crossings, this trip cannot be done if precipitation is imminent or there is an otherwise hazardous weather forecast.

HIKE TIME: 7 to 8 hours

EVENT TIME: 9 to 10 hours

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